Welcome to ETCCC!

ETCCC — English Teachers Concerned about Climate Change — fosters a growing community of teachers in different disciplines elementary through college who are teaching and learning about climate change.

Every two weeks we will publish posts that tell classroom stories, provide ideas and resources, and inspire teachers and students to richly understand and address the greatest crisis human beings have ever faced.  Subscribe to ETCCC!  We welcome submissions.

Climate change is not just a scientific problem.  Global warming has profound social, cultural, historical and political causes and impacts.  Students and their communities are best able to work toward sustainability and climate justice when have inquired into the global warming’s human impacts, its social complexity, and its uneven and unfair consequences.  ETCCC will demonstrate that literature, documentary and dramatic film, essays, non-fiction, creative and persuasive writing, mass media and social media analysis and production, drama, games, and interdisciplinary inquiry are all vital to understanding climate change.

We begin this blog as Teaching Climate Change to Adolescents: Reading, Writing, and Making a Difference is co-published by Routledge and the National Council of Teachers of English.  Drawing on examples from dozens of middle school, high school, and college English classrooms, this book shows students using the language arts to ask important questions and make a difference.  The website supporting this book is rich with resource links, activities, and further readings.

Rick Beach and Allen Webb also address why teach climate change in English at the NCTE & Literacy blog (Part I and Part II).

A rich resource for Addressing Climate Change in English created by Allen Webb’s students.



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